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A lesson to be learned. December 13, 2010

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Once upon a time there was an and a . The and the went on a date and had . After their dinner they had. The wanted to get married but the  said, ” I can’t marry you, you’re an !” The shed a   and said, ” That’s too bad, because We R Who We R.”


The Cherry Orchard……….fun? November 30, 2010

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Having to watch The Cherry Orchard on the weekend following its opening night, and the weekend following that in which everyone from English and Theater attended was not only a bummer in itself, but having to sit through four acts of characters just talking I would say it was not my funnest night ever. Must have been an unlucky day or something because informed of some bad news, I then had to watch the boring four acts through a shield of tears. UGH! Anyhow, back to the play, in spite of all my talk on it so far I actually really enjoyed watching it, for the most part. I agree with my peers on the play being a complete drag but that is because of the play write and nothing to do with the acting. I loved all of the actors and think they portrayed Chekhov’s characters perfectly. I was actually astounded at how tall Luibov’s character was (yes she was in high heels) but it helped me capture the image so well that she is the wealthy woman of the house.

In a sense I feel bad for Chekhov because of the time and all the events in Russia at that time but did he have to be so realistic as to not have any drama except the huge problem of the estate up for sale  and all we’re going to do is talk about it? I know Chekhov was a realist or wrote in a realism genre but I guess I can’t help but wonder why you would want to because its boring!! Talk talk talk. Talk talk talk. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah okay Chekhov I know you’re dead which is why I don’t really feel terrible about baggin’ on your play but jeez man. Lets break it down, even in class when we read it, I was not only lost but kind of angry it became so famous, its just people talking.

Onto the acting. As stated before, I loved all of the acting and think that all of the actors actually portrayed Chekhov’s characters extremely well. I know this was a director’s choice but I love that Varya’s hair was red, which symbolized to me that she wasn’t born into the family but taken in. Anya was very well portrayed with her long blond hair and gave off that Anya innocence.

Hold the phone! I just remembered what my teacher and a classmate were talking about. Okay they were having a discussion about how the man who played Firs was brilliant because you could tell Firs was SUPPOSE to be an old person but you could tell the actor was very young, BUT I think Firs looked like he was actually played by a man his age. I guess that is a compliment to the actor because I overheard he was really thirty something? I don’t know but bravo!! You have my virtual round of applause.


Shake it like a salt shaker….and salt it till its flavorless?? November 29, 2010

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Okay, here is a video which is in a very popular well-known film. Yes, the movie makes it clear that this is not the real man’s character or that it is a dramatic representation of using women to sell a product, but does it make it okay to use it still? And the producers said yes!!

What’d you think? Uncalled for? Too revealing? Gross? Funny? I have to admit I felt all of these emotions when I first saw it, but now that I’m commentating on it, it makes me realize that I do not enjoy watching a big butt be shaking all up and down the screen and that close to someone’s face. But sadly, if I want to listen to a certain song and it has that for a video I will have to deal with that image in my head.

Some videos that were shown in class for group presentations were very revealing and I have to say I felt uncomfortable watching it with a room full of people. Mainly because there’s naked chicks, and I thought naked chicks were only supposed to be in pornos, which isn’t that what you’re suppose to do in your free time? Alone? Not with a room full of people? Anyhow,  my point is these women in the videos were extremely exposed and shakin’ their naughty bits all up and down and all around, and I didn’t really enjoy watching it. A lot of videos nowadays are introduced that way, or that’s how a new and upcoming rapper is trying to make a name for themselves. But should it be so necessary to portray women and your sexual tools and pleasures because you are now all high and mighty?

New and upcoming rappers or artist in the music industry are just trying to get themselves noticed and get their name out there. Having girls dance all around you half naked won’t necessarily make people watch your video for you but definitely will because of the girls. These artists are just using the women as a tool to get noticed and aren’t humiliating them. The women in ads or music videos have a choice to be in there and made up their own mind to go and audition. The women are trying to make a name for themselves also in the industry, but they want their body noticed because it will get them the jobs faster. There is no harm being done to anyone because no one is being humiliated and  if a viewer doesn’t want to see women’s body parts then they do not have to watch the film.

However viewers should not have to be afraid to view random videos, especially for the sake of a child. The women in the videos are just exposed to get someone to watch the video. If the artist or rapper was that good with their lyrics then people wouldn’t need the excuse of getting to see women’s exposed bodies to watch their videos. If the artist was good enough then people would want to view their videos for them and how much they like that person. The poor women in these types of videos are just being used and are being humiliated because the industry does not care if they are basically naked. Some women don’t have any other option to break into the industry or are just desperate for some money to provide for themselves, and it’s sad that this is what they must go through in order to get by.

The video clip above is from a popular Hollywood film, and yes is rated R, but is still released to the public, so anyone can see this? Anyone can watch these girls dance like that for a movie? The truth is this is a clip from one of my favorite movies and I’ve even caught myself humming or dancing along to the song, just because I find it so hilarious. No I am not laughing at how they are dancing or why or who or what, but it is just funny, and it is a very hilarious movie. I’ve watched this movie so many times and could probably quote it. But you know, the thing is is because of outrageous directorial choices like these, make me remember and love this movie.


A commentated “relationship” between advertisements and their customers.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed it before, either swiping the pages past in a magazine or just watching the tube, but in today’s world all these ads trying to sell you things are quite vulgar. Many ads in particular are vodka ads. Why are mainly all vodka ads using women as sexual objects or luring tools to get people to buy their product?

I believe the advertisement companies believe they need something to strike people’s interest right off the bat and keep them interested. Using something vulgar like a woman’s naked body will surely get the average Joe to stop flipping the pages and stop and stare for awhile. The advertisement companies usually don’t use women many people know like celebrities, so what’s the problem? They’re showing the other ladies out their who also have the beauty about them. But is showing your naked or half naked body really the true beauty of you?

These advertisement only try to lure in their customers by making them think they will get these “hot, young, sexy” women if they drink (insert name of particular vodka here).  I think they are aiming for the men to buy their product because if you can make them believe they’ll get women with this alcoholic beverage then the only thing stopping you is forty bucks or so. These ads degrade women and are just using them as a tool to sell their object.

In today’s society, advertisement companies have to find ways to get people’s attention within seconds and keep them hooked long enough to make them realize the product and weigh the circumstances and hopefully decide to purchase it. These advertisement companies are competing against all the other million different products and want to make consumers believe theirs is the best choice. In all, I believe advertising has been slowly leaking more nudity and more vulgarity over the past decades and therefore has made it obliviously okay to show these images in their ads. We live in a changing world and even though there are those of us who still have honorable morals, I think the majority of us or the youth so to say, believe its okay to represent women these ways because we are use to it.


Just some more complicated nonsense. November 18, 2010

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Okay, so for my theater class I was chosen to be in a skit I had previously performed with a couple other of my classmates. It’s a total improv skit and we chose to make it this restaurant scene and a girl be dating 3 different people, and one of them being a girl. The complication in this was that all the “dates” or “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” happened to be in the same restaurant at the same time. I bet you can see the problem now, and perhaps you are wondering how would you deal with all three of your “significant” others yelling at you? BE APOLOGETIC OF COURSE!! At least that’s what our lovely volunteered indecisive dater did.
Here is a video i found, not directly relating to multiple partners, but deals with cheating and the complicated relations between people. I randomly picked it, and in my opinion it turned out funny, mainly because I didn’t expect it to be. Maybe this can help out my theater people and help us think about  you never know who knows who or where you’ll see them.


Change is good? Double “u” Tee Ef??? November 12, 2010

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Know that feeling when the people you thought you knew suddenly have random stuff different about them? Especially in a relationship when they start actin’ a little funny? Do you know what causes that because I sure don’t, I don’t know, life experiences?  I personally think that that person gets bored with their significant other and start seeking out other things thus leading to newer friends or activities. I believe these friends or activities make them change their personality and the way they act. I don’t like this!  What about when the people make a life changing choice and don’t confront their significant other? Is that okay to do? I’m all for you live your own life make your own choices and deal with the consequences but in a relationship isn’t a good one suppose to be a partnership?
I vote people be who they are and if your man or woman accepts that COOL BEANS.


What is love? November 7, 2010

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Here’s Bo’s view, I basically agree, if you’re confused……..exactly.